A fun way to get entertained and spend time with family and friends.

Watch with friends your favourite Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Sports and more. It’s like having a social watch party!. Explore the trending content from around the world, or your local neighbourhood.
❝Connect with family and friends with real-time messaging, and group audio or video calls.❞

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Why You Should Choose Explorii

We believe in passionate people

Open Video Streaming

Search any video streaming website on the internet. Play the video and Explorii will automatically create a public or private watch together room for you and your friends to enjoy.

Chat with Friends

You can chat with friends in real-time while watching your favourite videos. Meet new people with similar interests and hang out in virtual rooms.

Group Audio or Video Calls

Stay connected with family and friends with free and unlimited text messages, cool stickers, emojis, and group audio or video calls.

Watch Together Stuff

Movies, TV shows, live TV channels, and live sports from the internet websites. Latest trending videos and more, while you text and party with your squad.


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Explorii does everything! From entertainment watch parties, to social networking, and to social media, we have it all to satisfy your needs.
Stream videos from your favourite websites on the internet, including YouTube.
Chat with friends while you watch.
Set a password to your virtual room, and watch your favourite content in privacy.
Rise to stardom and build a following by sharing pictures, videos, YouTube links and text posts with the world.
Stay connected with family and friends with instant chat messenger, and group audio or video calls.
Express yourself with fun stickers, emojis, and cool backgrounds.

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Key Features to keep you Entertained

Explorii offers you fun ways to spend time together

Video Streams With Friends

Create Public or Private Watch Together Rooms by streaming videos from your favourite websites. Join rooms and meet people from around the world, or from your local neighbourhood.

See what’s Trending?

Whether you are a movie or music lover, a sport fanatic, travel enthusiast or a wanna be chef... we have many categories to keep your thirst for content satisfied. Explore trending videos, pics, text posts, links and more from around the world

Chat Messenger and Group Calls

Keep in touch with family and friends with unlimited free text messaging, stickers, emojis and group audio or video calls. Messages are secure and encrypted so enjoy with confidence.


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User Reviews


I love being able to freely stream from any website without any restrictions. Absolutely a beautiful way to spend time with my friends. Cheers🥂


One the best app in AppStore which allows to user watch and stream all tv and movies along with friends or world. Good work team.


Best app to watch live movies, videos without going anywhere.


Luv the fact that I'm not restricted to couple of websites. I can stream videos and movies from pretty much most websites from the internet and watch together with my friends. There are some minor improvements that can be done but nothing is perfect, It does what it suppose to do while is great. Cheers :)


Great app! Amazing to see open streaming platform without restrictions👍


It's a great app but can we get a better way to share to family or fans and stuff you Know better and more convenient instead of clicking everyone to share


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Don’t settle for apps that restrict your streaming choices. Join the revolution for freedom towards open video streaming today!

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